A new book from Roman Šperka is being published in 2015. ŠPERKA, R. Artificial Economics. Agent-Based Models and Simulations in Financial Markets. LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Saarbrücken, Germany, 2015. 160 p. ISBN 978-3-659-79131-4.

lap previewAgent technology with the methods of modeling and simulation (ABMS) has recently become a platform for research in a broad range of applied economic disciplines. The use of ABMS techniques is possible due to the availability of sufficient computing performance under current information technology progress. Multi-agent systems allow the simulation to work with some degree of local intelligence, causality, probability, and market failures. The subject of this book is the use of ABMS in financial markets. Trading with financial assets is widely used in developed economies. As a result of the interaction of a supply and a demand, the prices of these assets (bonds, cash, shares, etc.) change relatively quickly. Price volatility is caused by a large number of factors affecting the demand and supply of financial assets. The book is divided into three parts. Part One characterizes modeling and simulation methods. Part Two introduces financial market structure, trading behavior, and financial market simulation approaches. Applied research of the financial markets and the determination of a proper taxation is demonstrated in the Case study, which forms Part Three of this book.

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